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- It is a comedy OVA that arrived out in 2002 to typically unfavorable opinions. It really is centered over the soon after university cosplay club at East Oizumi Academy. The ladies during the club exercise so they may possibly one day be able to contend in cosplay competitions.

- Basically these 4 little Young ones with superpowers, and 1, Julie, can rearrange her molecules to develop into bubbly mist and shrink into an excellent-dense Variation of herself and stuff. At 1 issue she attempts dropping on Arclight while small and misses, will get backhanded, and Arclight winds up BREAKING HER HAND.

- A giant slug is rampaging round the city and Reijiro Techno works by using a development beam to attempt to enlarge a few slug-destroying rockets (or Regardless of the heck They're; this series is pretty Strange) to wipe out it, more than the objections of his buddies. Even though one of several ladies fights with Techno more than the gun, it fires and strikes Daisy (aka Hitomi Matsuzawa), enlarging her to 50 toes tall.

- Though it doesnt clearly show a Giantess for each-say you should be amazed to listed here just what she stated. there is a really exciting discussion where the main character's girlfriend describes in detail how she needs he was small so she could have him all to herself.

- In the next segment that includes Sebastian the Crab from “The Minor Mermaid,” Sebastian feuds which has a seagull to reclaim his rightful spit/nest at the beach. Sooner or later, it turns into a misadventure to keep a little Woman from hurting herself, or Sebastian In this instance.

- Right after Jack will cause Sam to shed her voice just before a singing contest, the aliens shrink down and investigate her vocal cords in an endeavor to figure out what the challenge is.

- We get wherever we left off and points will not get any superior after they realise they have been shrunk to moment measurements (through the diabolical sisters) able to be eaten. We also see Gokudo try and established factors back again to regular but will get a talking panda for his problems. YouTube movie of GTS scenes

- Though preparing meals for the opposite ladies, Milfeulle snacks over a 'sweet chestnut' nearby. When the opposite women return, they uncover Milfeulle has developed to an enormous dimension and barely able to fit inside the chamber. They quickly know it had been the work of your sweet chestnut, and everyone's making an attempt to think about tips on how to either return Milfeulle to ordinary or disguise her as a giant monster captured from Place.

- Dr slump and Arale accidentally trasform them selves in mosquito with see this amongst his creation (tecnically they seems to be a lot more like Mario Bee than correct mosquitos); Within this episode there are a lot of conversation amongst Dr slump and Midori that In the meantime is now Dr Slump wife. YouTube online video of GTS scenes

- Darkwing Duck could be the victim of a shrink ray via the evil Lilliput and he shrinks in sizing in the midst of a miniature golf training course.

- In the vicinity of the beginning in the episode the team have infiltrated the Nova Corp and although trying to get the data they need they accidentally release a lot of the supervillains. One of them is a personality named Supergiant who turns out to generally be an ex-girlfriend of Star Lord.

- Doraemon makes a miniature town for Nobita and his buddies to appreciate with no rigid procedures of adults. Employing a measurement-modifying tunnel, Absolutely everyone goes in and arrives out more compact to take pleasure in their new freedom town.

- Aoi and Mimori are captured by a bizarre girl who turns individuals into dolls. She douses them equally with cold h2o to scrub them websites just before the actual changeover into dolls; nevertheless, the h2o turns Aoi into a frog and by some means winds up specifically underneath Mimori’s sandaled foot! (She didn’t even have a stage ahead, or just about anything!) YouTube video clip of GTS scene.

- A kid's Tv set demonstrate from 1989, Penny Crayon is often a schoolgirl who enjoys drawing. Wherever she goes she normally carries her magic crayons. Regardless of what she draws came to life, and frequently triggers difficulty for her and her best friend Dennis, right up until the drawing is erased or washed absent.

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